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Our Vision

Artisan who love the beauty

We express our concept of art through the use of our hands: a real need to create objects starting from the personal needs of each individual customer. From this concept was born the desire to personalize the product all round: in order to meet each customers  needs, for the personal environment in which it must be inserted, and because it stands out  from any serial industrial object. Each part of the lamp comes from our hands: from the structure welded and carefully polished by hand, to the crystals joined together through the ancient sixteenth-century curl. Even today, in the XXI century, our company takes care to join each single crystal with this ancient method to keep a detail of the Italian tradition that radically changes the appearance and elegance of the lamp.

Made in Italy craftsmanship is the guide for all our lighting projects, our hands are the only tool to create your exclusive chandeliers.

Cometa di Adamante è una lampada di cristallo a sospensione.
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