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The perfect combination of light and crystal

Milan 2024

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Aurelia lampada a sospensione in cristallo trasparente o colorato. Lampada lineare. Design minimal e geometrico. Made in italy. lampada artigianale


all the linearity

that we desired


the evolution of crystal lamp


In the month of April, Adamante opens up to the Magazine with an important publication in Interni on the occasion of the Milan Design Week and crosses gaze with fashion thanks to The Style Lift magazine through a truly suggestive article on the occasion of the special edition dedicated to design.

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Lampadario a sospensione moderno. Lampadario in cristallo. Maglia in cristallo. Design moderno


Young Italian artisans who love the beauty.

We express our concept of art through the use of hands

lampadario a sospensione in cristallo italiano. Lampadario a sospensione moderno
lampadari fatti a mano, artigianali in cristallo. Lampade personalizzabili


Uniqueness is the key word that characterizes Adamante lamps. They are handmade in all its parts in fact no piece is equal to another one but unique and exclusive. A production number with its relative certificate of authenticity is assigned to each lamp.

Uniqueness also means customization: the lamp you choose will be created specifically for you, so we will take care to meet your needs while always remaining faithful to "Made in Italy".


We are artisans, making all our pieces by hand, so we are at the customer disposal to customize our lamps to specific needs or create completely custom designs. Not only restaurants, casinos and hotels, but also private clients who have specific and unique needs for their homes.

Variations on the dimensions of the lamps in the catalog can be requested or completely different and personal shapes are desired.


production time
and warranty

we create the chandeliers especially for you, so we define the production times based on the order size......

Adamante lampadari in cristallo



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