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The crystal of Adamante meets EPM

An event in collaboration with the EPM showroom in Piazza Navona Rome.

Lampadari in cristallo nel vano scale. Cascata di lampadari in cristallo moderni

From June 7th, 2023 in Rome, Adamante lamps illuminate the EPM Showroom in Piazza Navona. A space for furniture professionals, where it is possible enter the showroom day and night. A spiral cascade of Cometa lamps embellishes the entrance which can also be seen from the window.

The installation of the chandeliers in the stairwell gives importance to both levels of the showroom. Two Eternums are instead positioned as table lamps inside the gallery, framing other beautiful design products.

brochure lampadari. esposizione brochure su tavolo

evento showroom di design. lampadari in cristallo in showroom


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