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The versatility of Eternum

Choose your ideal installation

Lampada in cristallo circolare. Sospensione ad anello. Lampadario di design moderno.

The Eternum lamp is a combination of the classic style of crystal with the contemporary one with a minimal and geometric shape. In its simplicity, the lamp releases a timeless elegance suitable for different types of environments and rooms.

The name is inspired by the eternal love symbolized by the engagement ring, whose shape recalls it.

Eternum is a modern crystal lamp with a distinctive shape, reminiscent of a precious and shiny ring. Its illumination is 360 degrees, which makes it very versatile in its installation. Vertically or horizontally, single or in pairs, straight or oblique with any gradation. Upon request, it is also possible to intersect two lamps one inside the other for a cutting-edge and unique installation.


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